Dear ADIO Corrective Chiropractic Patients

As you know, we had an awesome seminar last weekend learning how the single adjustment to the subluxated spine can change or save people’s life. Everyone knows that I am very excited since the meeting with the world leading chiropractic educator Dr. Dan Murphy and now I am even more excited from the meeting with Roberto Monaco, speaker/educator at InfluenceOlogy.

Dr. Dan Murphy explained me by using the peer reviewed research papers that the upper neck adjustment can change your body physiology; your neck pain, low back pain, blood pressure, heart disease, stress, headache, emotions and even CANCER!

That is why I have been adjusting the upper neck every visit. That is why the patients experience miracles happening even though they are only getting the neck adjustment in the clinic. I also learned why chiropractic adjustment frequency plays a huge role. This explains why some of you told me ‘why previous chiropractic care did not help me, why previous pain management center did not help me with my spine or how come other health care providers did not explain about the nervous damages to my body’ etc.
Thus, now I am sorry if I did not educate you enough how chiropractic works for you and people’s life, our clinic is going to focus on the life changing adjustment. Starting in June. 2016, we are going to ask you if you are not following up with the current visits. It is wasting of your time and money if you do not follow up with our recommended frequency and duration of the corrective care.
We are currently live in the world with full of medication, masking symptoms of the disease. Average American seniors are now taking 11 medications. #1 and 2 cause of death in the U.S. are the heart disease and the cancer. Researches show that 90% of the heart disease and the cancer is not the genetic problem but our life style. Each year, 4.5 million Americans visit their Doctor’s office or ER because of adverse prescription drug side effects. We see many American people are addicted to the pain medication and recently the singer/song writer Prince died from the overdose of pain pills called “Fentanyl” from chronic pain. Nonetheless, I’d never heard about the death due to overdose of chiropractic adjustment, but it saves people’s life.
We recently installed a bell in our clinic which is called “The Miracle bell”. Patients are more than welcome to ring the bell when they experience the miracles are happening with our care, but it is not limited to the miracles. I also expect our patients to ring the bell when they are excited or great things are happening in their life, so we can share the excitement and the good news altogether. Please share your excitements of your life as you ring the bell.

We are whole hearted and fully equipped with the love of God.
We will serve you better! Life is Amazing!

Thank you for being a part of ADIO Corrective Chiropractic family.