It is Time to Change the World!!

It’s time to throw open the curtains on today’s sunrise and embrace all that God has in store for you!
Today is a new day full of potential that has never happened before and will never happen again.

Often times, when I go out and reach out to our community, people say “I had never checked my spine but I do not need it because I feel nothing wrong.” or “how come I do not feel any pains or see any symptoms even when my spine is degenerated?”. When I hear these comments, I feel that I have not been a good educator to our community. Our mechanical health care system puts us into the culture of “seeking care when needed as we feel pains or symptoms.”
The spine is exceptional because the spine protects our nerve system, the spinal cord. The spinal cord controls our heart to beat, lung to breathe, and other organ systems to function. The brain always communicates with our body through the nerve system.
So I often call the spinal decay as “The Silent Killer.” Did you also know that disc herniation in the neck and low back is 100% preventable by checking your spinal curve in the neck and the low back? We usually see health care providers when the pain and symptoms get severe enough for us to recognize them. Once the condition gets severe and causes a lot of pain and symptoms, it is extremely hard to reverse the condition. Every 24 hours, approximately 180 billion cells are recreated to help our body to function properly through the nerve system. The nerve system is there to help our body to function, recreate, and heal.
Past Saturday, I went to the “Walk for Mom” event which advertises the necessity of mammography examination every 6 month starting the age of 40. Medical doctors also recommended that men need to screen their prostate once they reach age of 50 or older.
We screen our health in order to prevent the disease. For the most of the time, people find out their cancer from health screening even when they do not feel any pain.
The disease is the form of two words, “Dis-Ease” meaning “Not-Comfortable”. We cannot just wait until we are not comfortable. We can wait for the disease to happen but the disease will not wait for us. The subluxation, spinal decay, and spinal damage will not wait for us. It is time to ask your friends and family members to check their spine if they had never checked their spine. We have the opportunity to change or save our loved ones’ life.
I had a patient who found the cancer through the spine screen. And I had a patient who did not know the cause of his back pain which caused him using the wheel chair, and now he is running and fully active. I also had a patient who took medications for DMII, heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid issues and liver function issues etc. and now is a medication-free through the corrective chiropractic treatment.
All of you stepped into the gap, so we can help you to change your life through the corrective care. Let us not wait the disease, drugs, and pill to overcome and dictate our body that God has given with the full of potential.